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Name:♂ .s e x h i b i t i o n i s t s . ♀
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Dark and wrinkled like a deep pink,
It breathes, humbly nestled among the moss
Still wet with love that follows the gentle
Descent of the white buttocks to the edge of its border.

Filaments like tears of milk
Have wept under the cruel wind pushing them back
Over small clots of reddish marl,
And there lose themselves where the slope called them.

In my dream my mouth was often placed on its opening;
My soul, jealous of the physical coitus,
Made of it its fawny rear-bottle and its nest of sobs.

It is the fainting olive and the cajoling flute,
The tube from which the heavenly praline descends,
A feminine Canaan enclosed in moisture.

-Sonnet to the Ass-Hole, Arthur Rimbaud & Paul Verlaine

step into my office, baby.
SEXHIBITIONISTS; an anything goes community for sexboxxing and other kinky rp shenanigans. It exists to stalk, to be stalked, and to keep the questionable fun of badromancing rolling, rolling, rolling along.

house rules.
► sign up with everyone you've got. bring your friends.
► post anything hot, heady, sexy, kinky, or anything in between.
► put warnings where they're due. some people just like it vanilla.
► play dirty - but only in the kinky way. don't godmode, don't take shit personally.
► pass the news. pimp the comm. profit. ♪

like what you see?
This profile features fanart of Bansai Kawakami, of Gintama fame. He's a sexy bastard: that's why he's on this profile.

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